‘Losing My Virginity’ by Richard Branson- A must read for entrepreneurs

This is a brilliant memoir of a bold and adventurous business magnate, founder of the Virgin group. In his autobiography, Branson has written everything about himself, his fairly, struggles, adventures and his businesses right from his school days.

Mail on Sunday has rightly quoted the book as a sacred text for anyone burning with entrepreneurial zeal. In the book, Richard Branson has documented about his ventures, love life and business rivalries in great detail.

During his school days, he couldn’t study as he was dyslexic and didn’t go to university either. But all because of constant hard work and determination rose to become a global face.

An amazing story of an even amazing entrepreneur, this is a fast-paced, thrilling and keeps the reader glued till the end. Branson tells about his balloon flights around the world and how he was nearly killed in an occasion.

His take on the way business is done and his philosophy can teach a lot to new entrepreneurs. It’s amazing to learn how he started from a mail-order business and ended up in the business of trains, planes, and even space crafts, all because of his determination and by the help of a great team.

It has numerous lessons for entrepreneurs which he learned over his lifetime. This book makes us realize that we may only see the success and the bright sides of these big businesses, but there’s a lot of struggle, breakdown, and grind in the background.

He also mentions his links with many political leaders like Saddam Hussein, Qaddafi and the king of Jordon. He also helped many people return home from these regions affected by war. The last part of the autobiography is a bit different as he got inclined towards philanthropy activities. He has been helping people to get better lives in parts of Africa. His altruism also won him the constant support of Nelson Mandela.

In all, there are a lot of things to be learned from this international bestseller.

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