8 Books by Rashmi Bansal on entrepreneurship.

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Rashmi Bansal was born on 20 May 1971. Her first book, Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish was published in the year 2008. Since then she has authored a total of eight books, which have sold more than a million copies. Besides being a writer she is also an entrepreneur, youth expert, motivational speaker and a mentor to students and young entrepreneurs.

She has also founded ‘Bloody Good Book’ (www.bloodygoodbook.com) which helps budding authors. It’s a very good platform for authors to e-publish their books.

She is an economics graduate from Sophia College, Mumbai and an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad. She generally uses Hinglish in her books as it provides a direct representation of people’s voices and makes them more real. All her books deal with entrepreneurship and success.

Here’s a list of her books-

1. Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

stay hungry stay foolish by rasmi bansal

In 2005, Steve Jobs quoted the phrase ‘Stay Hungry Stay Foolish’ during his speech at Stanford University.

This book is the story of 25 IIM Ahmedabad graduates who left lucrative job offers to follow their dreams and chose to be entrepreneurs. It has been a best seller and has sold over 500,000 copies. It was published in the year 2008.

This book inspires students to believe in their dreams and to think beyond regular jobs and placements. This is a must read book for people who aspire to be entrepreneurs after graduating.


2. Connect the Dots

connect the dots by rashmi bansal

This book is about the inspiring stories of 20 entrepreneurs who dared to make their own path and made it big without an MBA. Just like Rashmi’s other books, this has also been a best seller and has sold over 200,000 copies.

This book urges the readers to dream big and proves that anyone can be successful irrespective of their qualifications. The book narrates the stories of entrepreneurs who have had no formal training but were driven by their passion and dreams.

We get to know about successful individuals like Abhijit Bansod, Kalyan Varma, Raghu Khanna and many more. The book was also nominated for The Economist Crossword Popular Award in 2010.

3. I have a Dream

i have a dream rashmi bansal

This book is a unique collection of 20 inspirational stories of social entrepreneurs who have found creative solutions to old problems. These people are committed to different causes.

This book has sold over 150,000 copies and was also shortlisted for The Economist crossword popular award in 2012. This book covers the stories of people who have dedicated their lives for the good of the society.

The book has three sections, The rainmakers, The Changemakers and Spiritual capitalists. It has stories like Caste Away, Rags to Riches, Beyond Profit and many more. The stories of these entrepreneurs inspire us to do something for the society.

4. Poor Little Rich Slum

poor little rich slum

This book is all about the slums of Dharavi. This book has sold over 40,000 copies. This book has the stories of the little people who make up the big idea of Dharavi.

It shows the energy, enterprise and hope in the slums. Here the people may be poor or miserable but they chose to be happy, a choice which each of us can make. In this book, you will find a completely original take on the largest slum in Asia.

You will get to read about the people who make Dharavi a hub of industries.

5. Follow Every Rainbow

follow every rainbow

This book has inspiring stories of 25 women entrepreneurs who run businesses. These fought the way through difficulties and achieved their dreams. This book represents a unique women power.

The author tells the readers that dedication and perseverance can make you successful in any field. It proves that women can also be as successful as men in the field of entrepreneurship.

6. Take Me Home

take me home

This book has stories of 20 entrepreneurs who are from small town in India but had big dreams. These entrepreneurs remained true to their roots. They might have been from small towns across India but they run Global Enterprises with locally trained talents.

‘Take Me Home’ proves that one can achieve whatever one wants even with minimal resources.

This book inspires people from small town to dream big and to have a clear vision to be successful. This book has the stories of people like Jagjit Singh Kapoor, Mukhtarul Amin, Rohith Bhat and many more.

7. Arise, Awake

arise awakeThe book has inspiring stories of 10 young entrepreneurs who graduated from college into a business of their own. They left lucrative job offers to pursue dreams of their own.

In this book, Rashmi says that the ability to start a business is not defined by age or education but it takes energy, passion, an idea and an Internet connection. The book portrays how your first office can be your very own hostel room.

The book presents the inspiring stories of entrepreneurs like Sourabh Bansal, Shashank ND and Abhinav Lal, Anurag Arora and many more. This book inspires the readers by giving an insight into the life of these entrepreneurs.

8. God’s Own Kitchen

god's own kitchen

This is Rashmi’s latest book. It is the story of Akshaya Patra, a social enterprise run by monks and CEOs.

Madhu Pandit left IIT to become a monk. Had he followed the conventional path, he would have been a big shot in some large corporation. Instead, he is a CEO of a temple. Akshaya Patra is world’s largest NGO serving lunch to government schools each day.

The story is about spiritualists and capitalists who came together to launch a unique startup and made it successful.


These are the 8 books by Rashmi Bansal on entrepreneurship. Each of these books teaches something different and motivates you to follow your dreams. These books will surely inspire you to follow your dreams and to take an unconventional path.

Leave your comments below and tell what you think about these books. If you have read any other book which has inspired you, do let the readers know!

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