7 Simple Habits to inculcate that will make you successful.

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I have a list of 7 simple habits for you . Here I am not going to tell you to do big things. These are all simple habits and if you follow them consistently, you will surely succeed.

So, Let’s start-

1. Do it now.

Whatever you want to do, you must start now. Start chasing your dreams. Stop giving excuses to yourself. If you just keep thinking about how to start or if you keep waiting for that perfect time to start, you won’t ever start. The secret to success is to start early.

Never leave things for tomorrow. Once you start, you will thank yourself that you started to follow your dreams.

It’s completely fine to start with whatever little knowledge you have. Don’t worry, you will learn everything on the way.

“You can dance in the storm. Don’t wait for the rain to be over before because it might take too long. You can do it now. Wherever you are, right now, you can start, right now; this very moment.”

― Israelmore Ayivor

2. Do what you love to do.

Always do what you love and love what you do. Never give up on your dreams. Always follow your passions and your dreams. Don’t settle for anything less than what you deserve.

Keep trying new things and try different ways to get things done. Even if you don’t win, you won’t regret it as much as you will regret for not giving it a try.

Believe me, it’s better to try and fail than to regret for not trying.

Sometimes it’s good to be a bit selfish and do things for yourself, to build yourself up.

“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

― Steve Jobs

Stop living your life the way others want you to live, it will not take you anywhere. But at the same time it’s always a good choice to listen to your teachers, mentors and your elders.

Love yourself and understand that you are one of a kind. You can not be like someone else. Own who you are.

3. Read books.

Read good books. Try to read something daily. Even if you don’t have a habit of reading daily, just start with reading a few pages daily. It will teach you too many things.

There’s one habit common in all successful people! And that’s- They read a lot.

When Elon Musk was asked how he learned to build rockets, he said, “I read books”

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Bill Gates also reads 50 books a year.

Reading  will not only expand your knowledge, it will also enrich your vocabulary. It will expand the horizon of your thinking and will inspire creativity in you.

It’s always better to read a book rather than a small article here and there. You may finish reading a book in a week but it can change your life forever.

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4. Simplify your life and be grateful

Simplify your life as much as possible. Don’t hold grudges. Forgive others and set yourself free.

 “Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.” – a Chinese proverb.

Don’t let social media or television rule you. Don’t compare your life with that of others. It means you are being ungrateful and you have no right to do so.

Always be thankful and grateful. Just pause for a moment and think about the blessings that you have. We tend to ignore our blessings in the continuous want for more. It’s true that we have been given much more than we deserve.

Show gratitude and you will feel the difference! Be thankful to God and everyone around you. Say thanks to the good ones for being there with you and also to the wrong ones for teaching you lessons of life.

Being grateful will attract goodness and peace in your life.

5. Never hesitate to Ask / Be curious.

Don’t be hesitant to ask a question. When you ask, you will most probably get a positive reply. And even if you get rejected, that’s not the end of the world. This will only teach you to face rejections.

Talk to more and more people. Try to start a conversation with strangers. Talking to people will help you a lot, you will make links and it will give you a chance to meet some great people.

Be curious. Ask questions and try to know things in detail. A simple Why can lead you to a good amount of knowledge. Keep learning new things as the things that you learn will surely help you a lot in life.

“Be friends with different types of people. Don’t insulate your worldview by only socializing with those who are fundamentally the same as you.” -ThoughtCatalog.com

6. Spend time with good company.

The people with whom you spend your time have a huge impact on your life. Try to be around productive and optimistic people and you will see the difference.

Be away from people who tend to be negative and find faults. Spend time with like-minded people. Surround yourself with doers, dreamers and who help you evolve.

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with” says American entrepreneur and motivational speaker Jim Rohn.

We can’t deny the fact that we are heavily influenced by those around us and by what we see and hear. Your friends will affect your thinking and attitude. Be very careful in making friends.

7. Make mistakes.

Keep trying new things and never fear to make mistakes. You can’t be successful without making mistakes. Keep moving, keep trying new things, take risks and keep making mistakes and keep learning from your mistakes.

When you take a risk or try something different, you will either Win or Learn. Take your failures positively and learn from them. Accept that you were wrong. It’s that simple.

The problem is not in failing, the problem is in not trying.

When you make mistakes, you learn a lot. Even if you don’t win, the experiences that you accumulate in your journey will help you throughout your life.


Try to follow these 7 tips in your day to day life. You will find a lot of change in your life and you will feel liberated!

Have anything to say? Want to add something to the list? Do leave your comments below. I would love to read them.

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